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upgrade do BUSINESS klasy w AEGEAN !!

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Upgrade lotu w AEGEAN z klasy towarowej na byznes klasę ! :D


Wiadomix: wejdziesz do saloniku, priority boarding i siedzenie przed zasłonką w AEGEAN

Musisz już miec bilet w AEGEAN w nieśmieciowej taryfie


Jak słabo mówisz po angielsku to z dziołchami w Albanii na callcentre pogadam ja :)

Kumatym wysylam PDF i bawta się sami :D





  • This benefit is provided on a coupon basis upon upgrade or tier renewal and can be used within the period that the tier is valid.
  • Seat upgrade can be booked by the member, both for personal use or for any third person chosen, only via Aegean Reservations Department (801 11 20000 or +30 210 62 61 000) up to 2 hours prior to the respective flight departure.
  • The member is required to have a valid and paid Economy Class ticket with confirmed reservation either with Aegean as the validating carrier (stock number 390) or with Olympic Air as the validating carrier (stock number 050).
  • Seat upgrade is not permitted when the ticket includes any other Airline.
  • General seat availability does not necessarily imply that a complimentary seat upgrade will be provided.
  • Free, award, charter flights and barter tickets, are not eligible for this offer.
  • Mileage accrual is applicable according to the fare purchased, not the flown.
  • It is clarified that, a) for date and time changes you should contact Aegean's Call Center at 801 11 20000 (from a fixed phone) or at (+30) 210 6261000 (from a mobile phone or from abroad), on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week upon a re-issue fee of 20 Euros per ticket. Fare rules of the original booked ticket are applied.In case of date and time change, since there is no availability for seat upgrade award, the coupon cannot be restored, b) rerouting after ticket issued is not permitted, c) in cases of non-show or cancellation, the coupon cannot be re-used, d) In case a seat upgrade cancellation has been requested, a ticket change is required as well. The ticket change will take place according to the terms & conditions of the original booked ticket and the seat upgrade coupon will not be refunded and e) any difference between the initially purchased ticket and the new, higher class of service in taxes, airport duties, A.I.A. (Athens International Airport) charges, insurance surcharges, as well as any additional charge or fee imposed by any Public Authority, is due by the member (the difference in the charges is payable by the member and are due upon issuing the upgrade award), f) seat upgrade award is not eligible for the following booking classes: U, P, T in GoLight ticket.
  • If you have already filed a request for a Business Class upgrade through the Aegean Upgrade Challenge, the Airline makes no commitment on the way the Business Class upgrade will be confirmed.